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AccuFoamer™ AccuFoamer™


Laboratory Bitumen Foaming System

Since the introduction of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA), asphalt laboratories have been searching for a simple, convenient and cost effective way to evaluate foamed asphalt binders. The NEW AccuFoamer from InstroTek, Inc. is a counter top unit which produces a controlled laboratory sized batch of foamed asphalt.

The success of foamed asphalt applications is dependent on the proportion of additive to bitumen content. By using a laboratory sized test unit, the ratio of bitumen to additive may be checked, adjusted and rechecked for a variety of working conditions. The AccuFoamer also allows the users to add binder additives to the mix in order to evaluate the effect to the mix design. By adjusting the mixture to the correct proportions in small batches during the mix design stage, you save time, optimize the mixture design and produce a superior product.

The compact and light weight design of the AccuFoamer makes it ideal for any asphalt laboratory.  The AccuFoamer will easily fit on a laboratory bench top or counter.  The system will produce up to 5,000 grams of bitumen mixture.  Two pressurized reservoirs on top of the AccuFoamer hold the bitumen and liquid additives such as water or other chemicals agents.  A timer function on the AccuFoamer controls the batch size and product use.

The  AccuFoamer is an easy and affordable way to produce foamed asphalt in a laboratory setting.  Contractors and agencies can feel confident that they have the correct mix for their specific application and can detect potential problems before production.


  • Accurate foaming device in a small and compact design.
  • The AccuFoamer System costs thousands less than much larger foaming devices.
  • Evaluate asphalt binder prior to production and not during.
  • The foaming system allows users to evaluate changes to the absorption of the aggregate in the mix design stage.
  • The AccuFoamer allows the user to optimize the mixture by adding and evaluating the interaction of other additives with the mix.


  • 5 Liter(1.3 gallon) Bitumen chamber
  • Bitumen Chamber heated accurately up to 190° C (375 °F)
  • Accurate and repeatable adjustment of liquid additives from 0 to 9%
  • Bitumen and additive volumes controlled by air pressure
  • Expels foamed mixture into sample container or directly into mixing bucket
  • Quick disconnect spray nozzle for easy cleaning and maintenance of mixing chamber
  • Small compact size; fits on most laboratory benchtops

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