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AASHTO T-283, ASTM D 4867 and EN 12697-12

The Smart-TSR is a completely independent testing jig for AASHTO T 283 and ASTM D 4867.  The Smart-TSR has an integrated load cell electronics and Bluetooth wireless connectivity making it easy to capture, report, and share data.

Don’t throw away your old load frame- Older load frames have low data capture rates and outdated mechanical systems and plotters that are no longer supported.  Plotters are cumbersome to use, require selection of the right scale, use special graph paper and pens that are hard to find or dry out quickly, costing hundreds of dollars yearly to replace. 

Smart-TSR Tablet Report

The Smart-TSR uses integrated high-precision load cell and high-quality electronics to capture data and report it via Bluetooth to your PC, tablet or smartphone.  The Smart-TSR is always ready and does not require any additional parts or accessories.  The Smart-TSR software can calculate and report peak load automatically.  The optional tablet is preloaded with the Smart-TSR software to plot, print and store data right from your device eliminating the need for manual calculation and potential operator mistakes.  Each unit is built to withstand the rugged construction industry environment and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Smart-TSR is the perfect upgrade to extend the life of current analog load frame at a fraction of the cost. 

 Smart-TSR Graph

Complete Smart-TSR Report