InstroTek, Inc.

ValiDator<sup>®</sup> I & II

ValiDator® I & II

Nuclear Gauge Calibration and Verification System

ASTM standard for gauges and block calibrations – ASTM D7759
AASHTO T310 (verification)

The ValiDator is patented, NIST traceable, & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited technology that can verify your nuclear density gauge calibration at all measurement depths.

Others have tried, but InstroTek is the only company with the know how and the technology to develop this innovative device.

ASTM & AASHTO standards for calibration and verification of gauges via blocks and ValiDator:

  • ASTM standard for gauges and block calibrations – ASTM D7759
  • AASHTO standard for gauges – AASHTO T310 (verification)

Per the ASTM D7759 standard, gauges can be calibrated and verified by the ValiDator and should be done so every 12 months. Per AASHTO T310, gauges can be verified with the ValiDator within 12 months of being calibrated via “multi-block” calibration. From T310: “If the verification process indicates a variance beyond the specified tolerances, the gauge shall be calibrated.”

Validator and Gauge Features:

  • Works with InstroTek, CPN, Humboldt and Troxler density gauges
  • Meets Calibration and verification Requirements of ASTM
  • Densities derived from NIST Traceable Reference Blocks
  • Accurate Field Calibration “Five” or “Three” Block Method
  • Calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 for Accredited Laboratories
  • Field or Laboratory ready
  • Reliable standard, no moving parts
  • Portable and mobile
  • Nuclear Gauge and Leak Test Management Capability


  • Save up to $350 per year per density gauge
  • Reduce Nuclear Gauge Shipping Formalities
  • Routine Check on Calibration Quality
  • Minimize Calibration Down Time
  • Reduce Density Gauge Operating Costs
  • Resolve Disputes in Nuclear Gauge Results
  • Improve Measurement Quality
  • Manage Your Density Gauge Fleet More Effectively
  • Verify and Calibrate InstroTek, CPN, Humboldt and Troxler Nuclear Density Gauges

ValiDator works with Density Gauge Models:

ValiDator I®

  • InstroTek Xplorer 3500
  • Troxler 3411, 3430, 3440
  • Troxler 3450 – Soils Mode
  • CPN MC Series
  • Humboldt 5001 Series

ValiDator II®

  • Troxler 4640
  • Troxler 3450 – Thin-Lift Mode (Asphalt)