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Laboratory Calibrations Solutions for Asphalt Industry
Laboratory Calibrations Solutions for Asphalt Industry Laboratory Calibrations Solutions for Asphalt Industry

Laboratory Calibrations Solutions for Asphalt Industry


For over 25 years, InstroTek has provided fast and effective calibration solutions for some of the asphalt industries' most complicated testing equipment.  From IPC Global’s Universal Testing Machines to SuperPave Gyratory Compactors, InstroTek has been able to meet the increasing challenges and demands of material testing laboratories across the country.  We now are proud to announce that we have expanded our on-site calibration services to include soil and concrete laboratories.

With a wider range of on-site calibration services, we can provide a cost-effective solution no matter your focus on construction materials testing.  All calibration work is highly scrutinized and peer-reviewed for the highest degree of accuracy.  Our established calibration process builds on years of industry experience, product knowledge, and expert service.

We also understand the best calibration companies not only exceed calibration expectations but also provide lab managers solutions to on-site problems.   Our consultative approach aims to understand your laboratory's individual needs and apply proactive solutions that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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All calibrations are NIST traceable and performed to the highest standards

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InstroTek, Inc.  is an accredited ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 laboratory