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Nuclear Gauge Operators Training

Nuclear Gauge Operators Training

With over 35 years of combined experience in development and application of nuclear gauges we have been one of the most successful companies in the industry in providing hands-on training to the nuclear gauge users. We believe that understanding the gauge measurements allow the operators to be more productive and could save your organization thousands of dollars in mistakes and fines.

Don’t worry, Our training does not put you to sleep!

Our training is done outside the class room environment with gauges.

We will come to your facility and train as many operators as you like.

Our training contains:

  1. General information about gauge design.
  2. The effects of different materials on the gauge reading.
  3. What is surface roughness error? Three different techniques to minimize this effect in the field.
  4. What is composition error? How can you account for this critical error on the field?
  5. How do you determine if the gauge needs calibration?
  6. How important is the standard count?
  7. Maintenance tips to keep your gauge operational for many years.
  8. Tips on operating your gauge on asphalt.
  9. Tips on operating your gauge on soil.

We have extensive experience with the following gauges:

  • InstroTek
  • CPN
  • Humboldt
  • Troxler

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