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Let an InstroTek representative view your screen or take control of your PC.

InstroTek Support offers a secure and efficient online support solution that enables their technicians to log into your computer and provide expert assistance with any software-related issues you may encounter. This convenient service ensures that you receive prompt and effective troubleshooting, allowing you to quickly resolve technical challenges and maximize the functionality of your InstroTek software. Rest assured that your privacy and data security are a top priority, with stringent measures in place to safeguard your information during the support session.

Link: TeamViewer for PC

How to Connect:

  1. Download and Install TeamViewer from link above.
  2. Launch TeamViewer: Once installed, launch TeamViewer from your computer.
  3. Obtain Your TeamViewer ID: When you open TeamViewer, you'll see a window with your TeamViewer ID and a randomly generated password. These are necessary for remote connections.
  4. Share Your TeamViewer ID: If someone else needs to connect to your computer, you'll need to provide them with your TeamViewer ID generated by the program. Share this information securely with the person who will be connecting to your computer.
  5. End the Session: To end the remote session, you can simply close the TeamViewer window. The remote user may also disconnect you from their side.

*By downloading our software, you grant InstroTek staff permission to access your PC for the sole purpose of providing technical support. This access is limited to support activities only, and all efforts will be made to ensure the security and privacy of your data. You can terminate the session at any time, and InstroTek is not liable for any data loss.