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NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker

NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker

Locating Your Gauge Has Never Been Easier!

Ever wonder what happens if you lose your nuclear gauge? Now 2 of the industry-best gauges, InstroTek’s Xplorer 2 and CPN’s MC3 Elite can come equipped with NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker! Locate your gauge through any computer or mobile device. With unique GPS hybrid tracking, these gauges can now be tracked to see where they’ve been and where they are now... from anywhere in the world!

• Find stolen gauges
• Locate your gauge in case of accidental loss
• Know when your gauge is on the job site
• Locate your gauge if left behind on the job site

• Get alerts once the gauge leaves a preset geo-fence area
• Get alerts once the gauge starts moving
• Get email, and/or SMS alerts
• Live tracking of your gauge path with continuous updates
• Keep gauge movement history for up to 5 years
• Unique Wi-Fi indoor tracking

Also Available On 3 Great Nuclear Gauge Upgrades!

Three of the best nuclear gauge upgrades, the Xplorer 3500Upgrade for existing Xplorer gauges, the Smart MCUpgrade for MC1 & MC3 gauges, and the SmartPanel 2Upgrade for 3430/3440 gauges, can all come equipped with NukeTrack! Locating your gauge through any computer or mobile device has never been easier!