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Calibration Software


Verify and Calibrate your nuclear gauges using the ValiDator System. Provides all nuclear gauge calibration data including verifications reports.
File size: 1.59 MB | Version 18.12.52
Release Date: 12-04-2019


Nuclear gauge calibration software used with nuclear gauge calibration blocks. Stores all calibration data and provides calibration reports.
File size: 1.69 MB | Version 22.04 Release Date: 10-03-2022


Nuclear gauge calibration software for small 3-block set. Provides nuclear gauge calibration reports and stores all calibration data.
File size: 1.69 MB | Version 19.10.95
Release Date: 10-12-2019


Verify and Calibrate Troxler 4640 gauges using he ValiDator II System. Provides all nuclear gauge calibration data including verifications reports.
File Size: 879 KB | Version 13.7.5
Release Date: 7-25-2013


Nuclear Gauge Software

503 Hydroprobe - MCM2 App

Connect to your 503 and MCM2 electronics using RS232 serial port to download projects and program your probe.
File size: 3.17 MB | Version 1.0.10
Release Date: 09-30-2021

Nuclear Gauge Data Manager

Creates a PDF document from the .csv files obtained from the MC3 Elite and Xplorer2.
File size: 5.00 MB | Version 1.0.2
Release Date: 1-03-2020


Asphalt Products Software

Ignition Front Panel

Ignition Front Panel PC software to connect to your NCAT Furnace and download data, view test in progress and create a digital print out of test results.
File size: 8.26 MB | Version 1.1
Release Date: 03-26-2021


Open and display files from the Retriever. Retriever is an add-on for the NCAT Furnace to replace or compliment the thermal printer.
File size: 408 KB | Version 1.0.1
Release Date: 4-11-2019


Used to capture verification data from the Hamburg Wheel Tracker when used with the HWT-Pro Kit.

Please Contact InstroTek for details Download Details (919) 875 8371 | 
File size: 24.5 MB | Version 1.1.4
Release Date: 7-22-2021


Used to capture Hamburg Wheel Data from the motion of each wheel and report load, waveform, and AutoCurve

Please Contact InstroTek for details Download Details (919) 875 8371 | 
File size: 24.04 MB | Version 1.1.1
Release Date: 7/20/2021

SmartLoader Analysis

Analyze up to 10 .csv files produced by the SmartLoader. Produces a PDF document showing Stability, IDT Strength, Energy, IDEAL-CT index, and Shear Strength.
File size: 6.15 MB | Version 3.4.1

Release Date: 03-07-2023


User-friendly reporting software to generate a Hamburg Wheel-Tracking graphs and data at desired user defined interval. The test data is exportable and can be opened in Excel or any other text editor.
File size: 7.89 MB | Version 2.2.1 Release Date: 05-08-2023


Smart-Jig Software

Smart-Jig Analysis

Windows Software to acquire data from your InstroTek® Inc. Smart Jig. Calculates values for AASHTO T 283, and IDEAL-CT. Generates a PDF with graphs and results.
File Size: 7.66 MB | Version 5.1.1
Release Date: 06-21-2022


Laboratory Software

Log IT

Organize and track laboratory equipment. Includes email and text messages for calibration due dates.
File size: 21.3 MB | Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 8-14-2018