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No Hassle Shipping - Guaranteed!

InstroTek makes shipping your equipment fast and simple!  Let InstroTek prepare your shipping documents for you 100% FREE of charge!

Contact one of our service centers for details:

Raleigh, NC | Richmond, VA | Denver, CO | Philadelphia, PA | Grand Rapids, MI | San Francisco, CA


You may also follow the directions below, complete the paperwork yourself, and contact R&L to schedule a pickup.

Please download this Bill-of-Lading PDF for a generic BOL to transport the gauge to and from the job site. NOTE: Your RSO will have the Emergency Contact information for your company.

Step 1

Fill out an ERA Form:

  • Download the: InstroTek, Inc. ERA Form
  • Select the nearest Service Center to you from the drop-down box located on the ERA Form. This will populate the Service Center information.
  • Each piece of equipment that is to be shipped to InstroTek needs a separate ERA form.
  • Provide contact information, nuclear gauge license information (if shipping a nuclear gauge), service desired, and equipment information on the form.
  • Print this form and place inside the shipping case of each piece of equipment being shipped.
  • This form may be saved and edited on your computer to facilitate your next shipment.

Step 2

The R&L Bill of Lading:

  • Download the R&L Carriers’ Bill of Lading (BOL). To make shipping easier for you, we have made the BOL a PDF which you can edit and save for each type of gauge you own.
  • Select which Service Center you have chosen to ship your gauges this will populate the Service Center address for you.
  • Complete the fields for your (shipper) information.
  • Select the type of gauge you are shipping, this will populate the correct HazMat Shipping information.
  • If you are shipping multiple gauges, complete only one BOL for each type of gauge, i.e. ONE BOL for all the InstroTek 3500 Series you are shipping and ONE BOL for all the Troxler 3400 Series (3401, 3411, 3430, 3440, 3450) you are shipping.
  • Total the number of gauges for each series and notate this on the BOL.
  • Calculate the total weight (in lbs.) of the gauges and notate this on the BOL.
  • Select the Transport Index for the type of gauge and case used in shipping (you will need to use the highest Transport Index if you are shipping two different Transport Indexes). The Transport Index is located on the diagonal Yellow II sticker on the side of the gauge case.
  • Print TWO (2) copies of each BOL needed and sign on the “Signature of Consignor” line and the left-hand bottom “Shipper” line.
  • Give ONE set of the BOL to the R&L Carriers driver, and keep ONE set of the BOL for your records.
  • Provide page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.

Obtain this information from the manufacturer’s written and digital media. Updates to these values are possible by the manufacturer. Please check your gauge literature for updates.

Transport Indexes for various Gauges:


Xplorer 3500 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.5 – Water Resistant Wooden Case: 0.5


MC1DRP – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.4
MC3 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.4
501 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.3
502 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.3
503 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.2
MC-S-24 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.6
MCM-2 – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.2
AC2/R – Water Resistant Molded Plastic Case: 0.2

Other Gauges:

3241 – Plastic Case: 0.1
3411 – Plastic Case: 0.5 – Trunk: 0.1 – Pyramid: 0.1 – ABS: 0.1 – Blow Molded: 0.1
3430 – Plastic Case: 0.3
3440 – Plastic Case: 0.6
3450 – Plastic Case: 0.3
3451 – Plastic Case: 0.6
4640 – Plastic Case: 0.2
5001 – Plastic Case: 0.2 – Wooden Case: 0.2

Step 3

Emergency Information Form

Download and print the Emergency Information Form to the Bill(s) of Lading; hand it to the R&L Carriers representative when he or she picks up your gauges. You will only need one Emergency Information Form per shipment.

Step 4

Call R&L Carriers to Schedule a Pickup:

Contact R&L to schedule your pick up. Contact R&L at 1.800.543.5589, or you can visit their website at All shipping costs will appear on your final invoice.