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Sample Conditioning Chamber

Sample Conditioning Chamber

A Quick and Convenient Method to Condition Your Samples

InstroTek offers an ideal size conditioning chamber for construction materials at non-ambient temperatures. The InstroTek Environmental Conditioning Chamber offers a large internal capacity while minimizing bench top space. With 2.4 cubic feet of chamber capacity and multiple shelves, the chamber can hold a number of asphalt, concrete or aggregate samples at a desired temperature for extended periods of time. A microprocessor controlled fan and forced air circulation allow for an even and continuous flow of heated or cooled air throughout the chamber. The LED control panel lets you set and monitor the desired temperature in a couple quick steps. This chamber is a great alternative to larger floor units at a fraction of the cost.

The reference sample temperature kit provides greater confidence that samples have achieved the required temperature. The kit is easy to set-up and will work with any asphalt, concrete or aggregate sample. It is the perfect accessory for the conditioning chamber.

The conditioning chamber is ideal for conditioning AMPT, Beam Fatigue, and UTM asphalt samples.

Now researchers, engineers, and technicians have a simple and cost effective method to condition samples prior to testing. For more information about the InstroTek Conditioning Chamber please contact one of your InstroTek representatives or request a quote at the top of the page.