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How do I clean the NCAT furnace?

  • Remove the exhaust, the top cover(s), and use a shop-vac to clean the soot and residue.  Use the vacuum to clean the blower fan as well.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, set the filter to 900 degrees, and the chamber to 650 degrees, and let it burn clean for 4 hours.  To set the filter temperature, hold down the “5” key while turning the unit on.  It will say a number, and “FIL SP”.  Type in 900 and hit enter, then reset the machine.  Before burning a sample, you will need to reset the temperatures to your preferred settings.
  • When calibrating the scale, we recommend pulling the scale out of the unit and checking for debris and residue.  Things can build up, especially when the liquid runs down the tubes to the scale
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