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How do I know which type of furnace I have?

  • Check the SN of the furnace; this can usually be found on either the back of the furnace, or the right side next to the door plunger.  To determine the type of furnace, you need the first three or four digits of the SN.  If they are ‘859’ or ‘945’, then you have what is called an 859/945 furnace.  If it is ‘1087’, ‘1275’, or any other combination of numbers, then it is a 1087/1275 furnace for the use of the furnace?
    • These furnaces typically run at 482/538°C (900/1000°F), so there is a significant burn/fire hazard.  To that end, these are the safety equipment you should have on hand when using this oven:
    • Gloves (with arm shield—AP-5130, without—AP-5125)
    • Face shield—SA-1100
    • Extended forks to handle the baskets—NC-1255
    • Insulated Plate to set the basket—NC-1155
    • Cover basket to prevent accidental brushing of the basket as it is cooling down—NC-1150
    • Baskets to store the samples during the ignition process as well as cooling down—NC-1200
    • If you would like to get all these items at once, instead of ordering them piecemeal, there is an NCAT Furnace Accessory Kit—NC-1002
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