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My SmarTracker keeps having a saving to USB issue. How can I fix this?

This could be a few things.
  • Let’s start with trying to replace the USB (some USBs do go bad and need to be replaced). Ideally, you want to have a 32g or less USB formatted to fat32 for these systems. Contact InstroTek if you’d like to order one ready to go.
  • Ok, you’ve replaced the USB and you still have issues. If you find that you do not need the .log file for your reports, you can turn this off and that will stop the computer from reading and writing to the USB during the test. This also lowers the file size by a factor of 11.
    • Navigate to the device configuration
    • System configuration
    • Passcode is 2222
    • Navigate to the last page and choose none from the top drop-down button.
    • This will turn off the log file and only give you a text report.
  • If the unit is still having saving issues, your USB port could have gone bad, contact InstroTek for help with replacing the motherboard.
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