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My SmarTracker will display an error about “motor control alarm,” how do I fix this?

From the main screen press the alarm icon and then the clear icon. If the alarm immediately returns, you’ll need to open the rear of the SmarTracker to check the connections to the motor controllers. Power off the SmarTracker, unplug the unit, and remove the two bolts securing the rear panel. Remove the panel by levering from the bottom and lifting away from the unit. At the top of the rear control box, you will see two red boxes with four sets of wires (two green connectors, one ground, and one communication). Unplug each connector and reseat to ensure they are fully seated. Unplug and reseat the communication cable. You do not need to adjust the ground. Plug in the SmarTracker, power on the unit, and check for the alarm. If the alarm displays again, one or both controllers will need to be replaced—contact InstroTek for help with replacement of these controllers.

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