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There is water leaking from the rear grey pipe, why is this happening?

This could be a few issues. 
  • Firstly, if the water is too high before you install the samples into the device the water level will rise when you displace water with the samples and trays. This displaced water will rise above the overflow tube, and it will be routed to the grey pipe at the rear of the machine. If you need to precondition the water before testing, you may need to lower the water height in the system configuration. 
    • Navigate to the configuration menu
    • Press the configuration menu
    • Passcode 2222
    • Use the right arrow to navigate to water level
    • Change the full water level to a lower number. You may need do trial and error to get this value correct. Note: This height cannot be lower than the heating or fill value. If you find you need a lower full value, you’ll need to adjust the heating and fill values to about 5mm lower than full. 
    • Press the exit key to save this value. 
  • Secondly, there may be an issue with the inlet value not completely closing and overfilling the sample tanks. This will require a service call to InstroTek. 
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