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MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge
MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge

MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge

Lighter, Smarter, and Improved

ASTM D6938, D2950, D7013, D7759, C1040 and AASHTO T310

Available with NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker!

The MC-3 Elite is InstroTek’s newest and most advanced nuclear density gauge. We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and made upgrades in all the right areas. MC-3 Elite features a simple operator interface, NEW large backlit LCD display, illuminated keypad, precision machined base and surface mount electronic technology. The gauge is built to withstand the toughest construction and testing environments and is derived from over 40 years of field experience.

The MC-3 Elite has very practical and simple-to-use functions. The new keypad/display allows technicians easy navigation through all menu items. Elite’s new illuminated display also allows data to be read from a standing position, regardless of the time of day. All test data collected can easily be downloaded to a computer, printer, or USB drive through the new USB port. The gauge can store data for up to 10 projects with each project containing up to 40 test shots. Elite is also equipped with a non-contact magnetic depth strip and state-of-the-art moisture-resistant electronics.

Part of our motto: “Keep it simple” means the Elite can easily be serviced and calibrated by any qualified repair center in the country, which means cost savings and reduced downtime for you. Along with the lowest maintenance costs in the industry, all InstroTek/CPN gauges are backed by unmatched reliability, technical support, and customer service.

Available with optional NukeTrack!

Ever wonder what happens if you lose your nuclear gauge? Now you can equip your MC-3 Elite with NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker! The precise location of your gauge is accessible through any computer or mobile device. With unique GPS hybrid tracking, your Elite can now be accurately tracked to see where it's been and where it is now... from anywhere in the world! 

Gauge Tracking Features

  • Find lost or stolen gauges
  • Know when your gauge is on the job site
  • Get alerts once the gauge leaves a preset geo-fence area
  • Get alerts once the gauge starts moving
  • Get email, and/or SMS alerts
  • Live tracking of your gauge path with continuous updates
  • Keep gauge movement history for up to 5 years
  • Unique Wi-Fi indoor tracking


  • Brand New, backlit 4 X 20 LCD display with 9 mm characters for maximum visibility at night or in direct sunlight
  • Displays GPS geographic coordinates and altitude information
  • Bluetooth® enabled for easy data transfer to any Android® OR Apple® smartphone or tablet
  • Lightest nuclear moisture density gauge in the market
  • 9-volt backup battery keeps you on the job
  • User-friendly software
  • Precision machined base and components
  • High reliability, updated and improved electronic design
  • Illuminated keypad for night use
  • USB flash drive storage for quick cable-free data download
  • Superior, durable polycarbonate top shell design
  • Industry’s best warranty, 3 years, and your first calibration at no additional cost.


Additional Specifications

  • Weight: 13kg / 28.5lbs
  • Height: 67.8cm / 26.7"
  • Foot Print: 35.8cm x 24.8cm / 14.1" x 9.8""
  • Power: 6-Cell AA NiMH battery pack with a single 9V alkaline for backup