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$ 2,995.00

Smart-MC™ Upgrade
Smart-MC™ Upgrade Smart-MC™ Upgrade Smart-MC™ Upgrade

Smart-MC™ Upgrade

Upgrade Your CPN Gauges

Available with NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker!

Smart-MC™ is a simple drop-in upgrade that gives new life to your older MC-1DRP and MC-3 gauges. Smart-MC offers various operator-friendly features such as a new backlit display and keyboard, test storage capability, and cable-free download. Your test can be easily stored, printed, or saved to a USB thumb drive.  The improved software is easy to navigate with a well-thought-out keypad layout and simple on-screen instructions.

The NEW and improved Smart MC’s LCD is crisp and clear even in direct sunlight and for the first time ever, an illuminated keypad makes it easy to work at night or inside dark structures. We’ve listened to your feedback and delivered the Smart-MC, the perfect upgrade for your CPN gauges.


  • User-friendly Software
  • Backlit 4×20 LCD with 9mm characters for maximum visibility
  • USB flash drive storage for cable-free data download
  • High reliability, updated and improved electronic design
  • Multiple project storage capability
  • Illuminated keypad for

Available with optional NukeTrack!

Ever wonder what happens if you lose your nuclear gauge? Get your Smart-MC Upgrade equipped with NukeTrack™ Nuclear Gauge Tracker! The precise location of your gauge is accessible through any computer or mobile device. With unique GPS hybrid tracking, the Smart-MC Upgrade on your MC1 DRP or MC3 gauge can now be accurately tracked to see where they’ve been and where they are now... from anywhere in the world!

Gauge Tracking Features

  • Find lost or stolen gauges
  • Know when your gauge is on the job site
  • Get alerts once the gauge leaves a preset geo-fence area
  • Get alerts once the gauge starts moving
  • Get email, and/or SMS alerts
  • Live tracking of your gauge path with continuous updates
  • Keep gauge movement history for up to 5 years
  • Unique Wi-Fi indoor tracking

$ 2,995.00