InstroTek, Inc.

InstroTek's 25th Year Anniversary

A 25th Year Anniversary Message from the President


Twenty-five years ago, InstroTek started its journey with one product that was developed in a 20X20 ft garage. Through the hard work and creativity of so many great employees, we are now one of the most successful companies in the construction testing industry. Our continuous dedication to customer service has not gone unnoticed. We are known industry-wide as a company that stands behind every product and service we offer to our customers. Our customers trust InstroTek and know that we deliver on our promises. We have had many successes over the years, from developing great products, providing great services, working on specifying new test methods, and successfully acquiring and integrating three companies. The synergy and the common culture we have developed amongst InstroTek, CPN, HMA, and Rainhart will continue to play a major role in our growth. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the years and the role we have had in contributing to the improvement of the world’s construction infrastructure.  

InstroTek's Innovations Go Worldwide

Our development goals have always been to innovate and provide solutions to the current industry problems. Involving the agencies, universities, and private organizations in this process have resulted in efficient and accurate test methods that are used worldwide. In the last twenty-five years, we have secured approximately twenty US and International patents and have been actively involved in national and international industry and trade organizations.  

InstroTek products are sold across the US and in approximately eighty different countries. We pride ourselves on being great at producing quality products and continuously improving our after-sale service and presence. Although developing and maintaining a service infrastructure is involved and expensive to maintain, we believe it is necessary for our industry. Our customers rely on our products to meet required specifications and to complete their projects. When multimillion-dollar projects are in process, stopping the job due to non-functioning equipment is not an option. For this reason, we have six service facilities located strategically around the US in Research Triangle Park, NC; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Grand Rapids, MI; Philadelphia, PA; and Denver, CO. The ability to localize our services has been of tremendous value to our customers around the US. For us, selling a product is just the first step in the process. Assisting and making the entire experience efficient for our customers is our goal in every transaction. 

It's All About the People

Our success is attributed to a great team of employees and the strong relations we have cultivated over the years with our customers, vendors, and the network of distributors and marketing partners throughout the world. We are in business because of our loyal customers and partners. We cherish the relationships we have built and hope to build on them over the next 25 years.   


Ali Regimand

Throughout the years our approach to marketing was... innovating!