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Caution/Important- The instructions provided in this document are meant for troubleshooting and informational purposes.  Changing and servicing the electrical components of this unit shall only be performed by trained technicians.  

Caution- This furnace operates at very high temperatures and could cause severe burn to individuals working around the unit.  Refer to the equipment manual for safety precautions when working with the furnace and always use protective gear.

Caution- This furnace operates at high AC power.  Do not attempt any repairs or Maintenance on this unit while the unit is plugged into AC power.  

Installation/General Information

What type of exhaust should I use?

How do I know which type of furnace I have?

What size samples should I burn?

How do I know when a test is complete?

Maintenance Information

How often should I verify/calibrate the unit?

How do I clean the NCAT furnace?

How do I/How often should I run a lift test?

Operational Questions

My results are not what I expected

My burn times are running long (longer than 75 minutes)

Errors/Common Questions

The furnace is not heating

The furnace is taking a long time to heat up

Low lift test (lift should be between -3 and -8)

Printer not printing